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Open Educational Resource


Credit: Flikr user Bosc d'Anjou

This resource is an open access initiative is an initiative of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Vietnam. Run by staff of the School of Communication & Design (SCD), it is a repository of information relating to diverse subjects within the domain of design and digital media.  

This resource contains screenshots of proprietary software and images used under the terms of individual licenses. Details of each licence can be accessed links included into attribution statements, any reuse of these materials requires you adhere to the terms of the individual licenses. 

The use of screenshots of proprietary software does not imply any sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of this resource by the Software and image owners.   

3Ds Max Composition  Type Crimes
12 Principles of Animation Drawing  Miscellaneous 
Adobe InDesign  Digital Painting (in progress)
Adobe Illustrator Landscapes (new!)
Adobe Photoshop Painting
Art Stores 
Blender  Structural Contrast
Blender Animation Substance Painter
Colour Typography 101